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The Game of Thrones Book Tag!

It has been many months since I posted on this blog and many things have happened in that time (bad relationships, graduating uni, trying to get a job in the film industry). But here I am, back again, and I come with a book tag from the The Book Nut that I thought was quite fitting seeing as though IT IS LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL THE FINAL SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES COMES OUT! Hell yeah! (I’m also using this tag as a way to update everyone on the books I’ve read since I last posted because it’s been quite some time…)

ARYA STARK – A Character That Is All About Revenge


Angry, vicious and vengeful is just how I like my characters, so it’s no surprise that Victor Vale and Eli Ever are two of my ALL TIME FAVES! I remember reading Vicious for the first time and falling in love with Victor’s wicked inner thoughts, his crazy competitiveness, his obsession with beating Eli – even before they tried to give themselves near death experiences to gain superpowers and their rivalry officially began. In Vengeful, the tables have turned and Victor is now the one being hunted by a vengeful someone from his past *wink* *wink*.  We also meet Marcella, who was your cliche woman scorned, but still so much fun to read.

VARYS – A Book Featuring Political Intrigue


I almost gave up on The Cruel Prince but I’m SO GLAD I finished it. I went into this book expecting to fall in love with Cardan, but instead I fell madly in love with Jude. She is calculative, coniving and the most skilled politician in all of Faerie. This series will remain as one of my all time favourites simply because it is so hard to write good political intrigue and Holly Black does so in a way that literally has me gasping out loud at every betrayal.

Joffrey – A Villain You Love To Hate


This one should be changed to A Villain You Love to LoveI have yet to wax on about my intense love and adoration for Lada Dracul on my blog, but just you wait, it’s definitely coming. For now, let me just say this: Lada Dracul is THE best written female character in all of the YA genre. I could write giant essays on the nuances of her character, but just to sum her up – she is feral, vicious and ugly from the day she is born and she will impale a whole army of Ottomans on her spikes if it means she can finally become the Prince of Wallachia. Even just thinking about her gives me goosebumps. I LOVE HER.

Jon Snow – A Coming Of Age Story


This is not the coming of age story you are expecting. Elizabeth Frankenstein’s story from an abused peasant, to an organised play-friend for Victor, to becoming his damned beloved was such a deliciously dark journey to read. I love that Elizabeth’s wickedness and darkness is of a different kind to what White has written before (i.e. the brutal masculinity of Lada in And I Darken). Elizabeth uses her sweet exterior, her manners, her kindness not to mask the rot that lies inside her heart, but to manipulate and get exactly what she wants. She’s truly a unique female character and watching her learn and grow into a better person – without losing her darkness – was so much fun!

Jamie & Cersei – A Ship You Just Can’t Get Behind



I only recently finished Ruin and Rising, just in time for King of Scars, and I was surprised to find that I did not hate the idea of Alina and Mal being together as much as I did when I read the first two books in the series. I have nothing against Mal as a character (though he was very whiny in Siege and Storm). He’s just so… Boring! Alina basically decided that she’d rather settle and have a simple life with a simple man instead of being a powerful Grisha with (my husband) the Darkling or the Queen of Ravka with (my other husband) Nikolai. I mean, you do you Alina, but I certainly can’t relate to that.

Lady Olena – A Kickass Older Character


THIS. F**KING. BOOK. I only recently finished it and it has become one of my all-time favourites!!! It’s a chaotic story where the Russian fairytale of Koschei the Deathless and Marya Morevna is reimagined during the Siege of Leningrad. Dense with metaphors and Slavic folkore (representing my culture woooo), one of the standouts of the book is Baba Yaga – the most hilarious character – who puts Marya through hell for the fun of it, rides a flying mortar and pestle and walks around on chicken legs. I LOVE HER! GIVE THIS BOOK A READ!

Daenerys – A Book Featuring Dragons


I was horrified to find that I actually haven’t read many books with dragons in them!!! This needs to change! Still, a recent read (and a very big standout for me) was the first Witcher story in the Sword of Destiny collection titled The Bounds of Reason. In this, Geralt, Yennefer, Dandelion, some Zerrikanian warriors and Yarpen Zigrin and his dwarves set out to hunt for a legendary golden dragon named Villentretenmerth (we love Polish names) and the way the ending of this story ended up being so different from where they started was just so much fun! If you haven’t entered the world of The Witcher (either in book form or video game form) GET ON IT!

Sansa Stark – A Character You Grew To Love


I can’t believe I’m saying this… But when Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn were introduced in City of Heavenly Fire, I did not care of them at all. Who were these new child characters, introduced in the thick of the final book just to ease us into The Dark Artifices series Cassandra was bringing out next? I had no interest in them… Until I read Lady Midnight and fell in love with Julian Blackthorn. (And Emma too, but Julian!!) The final Julian and Emma book, Queen of Air and Darkness took the book world by storm and while I was so sad to see their story end, the book itself was so congested and not Cassie’s best writing, so I found myself kind of glad it was all over. I love Julian and Emma sooo much, but I’m ready for the next generation.

Melisandre – A Favourite Magic System


Though this book was published in 2014, it was a recent read for me after my friend recommended it and told me it was way underappreciated. And I agree. Though this book had a lot of cliche moments and writing styles (it is a Beauty and the Beast retelling with the love interest, Ignifex, being a lot like the Darkling) it honestly had one of the most unique and original worlds and magic system I’ve ever read in YA. This is because it takes from a massive range of different mythologies and folklore and fairytales – I couldn’t even begin to list them all! With a house that is alive and a sky that is basically a giant strip of parchment, the magic in this book was totally unexpected and definitely something to experience.

Tyrion – A Character Whose Weapon Is their mind


We finish this book tag with my ride or die, my one and only, my King and my husband (yes, I have many fictional husbands) Nikolai Lanstov. What I love love love about Nikolai is that he can’t sit still, he’s adventurous, he’s obnoxious, he’s dramatic, he’s hilarious, he’s got a heart of gold, and behind it all is his brilliant and eccentric mind. I usually love my fictional boys dark and angsty, but Nikolai is bubbly and charming and pure (despite the horrors of war) and that’s because he’s so witty and intelligent. It makes him relatable and complex because he can see both sides to every story, and I kid you not, every piece of dialogue he has makes me die of laughter. Props to you, Leigh, for writing someone as hilarious as Nikolai.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know in the comments what you would have chosen for each prompt or if you have any thoughts on the books I’ve picked!


xx  Emily

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